Airtable For Nonprofits by Moonlyte Media

Airtable For Nonprofits

Learn all the amazing things you can build for your nonprofit with Airtable.

This video course will cover:

🚀  How to create custom donor management system (CRM)
✅  How to create project management tool for collaboration
😎  How to create forms to capture leads from your website
💳  How to create an online payment system
⚡️  How to use Zapier and nocode tools to integrate different systems

What's included?

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1 min
Create an Airtable Account
Section 1: Airtable Basics
Airtable Dashboard
8 mins
Airtable Base and Tables
4 mins
Section 3: Building a Donor Management System (CRM)
Creating Organizations
6 mins
Creating Contacts
2 mins
Creating Opportunities
5 mins
Creating Activities
5 mins
Creating Development Team
2 mins
Create Your Donor Management System